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#11660441 Oct 21, 2015 at 03:02 PM
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So Tom, Amaaz and me, wen't pugging with codex and other randoms.
This was our first wildstar raid, and it was fun, but also retardly easy.
We took it out with fairly inexperienced people on 2 raid nights, and got some good gear and experience out of it.

This has boosted our confidence in starting up in wildstar, as we will be able to fairly quickly clear the first raid, and gear up as a guild.

We expect currently 7 members from our WoW Hyped guild to join us, and hopefully within the week we have a decent amount of new people as well. The week will be mostly used on gearing people up in dungeons, but also going for at least the first boss in GA, so we can buy the Orange glory gear.

We have our TS sorted out now, and are ready to go.

For those who's curious, the current old Hyped members are: Amaaz, Tomtom, Tyra, Asleif, Rumpetroll, Lolli and Lazemoto.
To the rest of you, stop slacking and come join us. wow is dead for now :)

- Tyra
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